McIntyre Coil Company, Manufacturer of Custom Made Air Handling Units, DX Coils, Hot Water Coils, Chilled Water Coils, and Steam Coils


Welcome to McIntyre Coil

Our staff is ready to help you in designing and manufacturing your custom coil or airhandler.   With over 50 years experience, we pride ourselves on meeting your specifications for manufacturing and delivery.  Serving the needs of a wide variety of industries, (see our Client List) we have gained the knowledge and experience to produce product meeting a wide range of needs.



Company Profile

With over 50 years experience, McIntyre began its production in San Francisco.   During W.W.II the focus of production was for the Navy and this partnership continued for over 40 more years. In the 1990's, this portion of McIntyre was sold as our business expanded into the Commercial private sector.

Today, our plant is located in San Leandro, California and continues to provide quality product manufactured to your specifications.



In-house Design and Production

Our "in-house" design specialists work closely with our clients and our production staff. Our on-site manufacturing facility guarantees close coordination between production and design stages. Not only can we custom design and manufacture your system, our staff is also available for initial start-up.


Corrosion Resistant Coatings

We offer McIntyre HVAC Coatings , an EPA approved coating which can be applied to new and used coils, either on-site or at our facility. This coating is heat conductive, improves efficiency, and extends the life of your coil. Standard 3 year warranty and Extended warranty programs available. This is a cost effective, economical, and energy efficient option.